In 2022 Margot contacted Musea Brugge to introduce her new project called (Re)Mastered. This project transforms historic artwork into new designs, adapting it to enrich contemporary living spaces.

“ It is much more than a copy-paste project. With respect for the original artwork and its master I kind of rethink the artwork, making it more accesible to a 21 century audience. I stay true to color and subject, but the whole layout is redrawn, making it a complete new work. ”_ MB

Atelier Billiet (RE)MASTERED BOSCH
Panoramic Wallpaper - (Re)Mastered Bosch©

For Musea Brugge Margot designed a panoramic wallpaper of 4 x 3 meter. It is based on the painting ‘The Last Judgement’ by Jheronimus Bosch. The wallpaper is now selling at the museumshop of the Groeningen museum and online. Read more on the design proces here

Bosch - The Last Judgement ca 1500
The Last Judgement by Jheronimus Bosch ca. 1500 source of inspiration for (Re)Mastered.
Picture credits: Art In Flanders - Dominique Provost.

The aim of (Re)Mastered is to draw attention to the institution that cares for the artwork and the funds that are needed to preserve it, as well as introducing art to a new public. It is also a way to show details the viewer may have overlooked, or draw attention to lesser known works in a collection.

For art lovers it is a great way to live surrounded by your favourite art that is effortless blending into your contemporary interior, and to donate to keep the art heritage vivid for generations to come.

PanoramicWallpaper - (Re)Mastered Bosch©

Contact margot@atelierbilliet.be if you are interested in collaborating.

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